Peacock Feather Tattoo Designs

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Tattoo Center. Peacock Feather Tattoo Designs. A peacock feather tattoo is a beautiful tattoo which usually tries to capture the beauty and the detail of the peacock feather. Peacock feather tattoos are not only beautiful, but have a deeper meaning. A peacock feather can be an ideal tattoo. The unique beauty of the peacock feather has always been fascinating to us. This lens is created to explain the symbolism of the peacock feather and give you some inspiration for your own design.

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Peacock feathers represent pride, and by extension, nobility and glory. Peacocks are also known to eat poisonous plants with no ill effects, making their feathers a symbol of incorruptibility and immortality. In ancient Greece, the peacock was the patron bird of the goddess Hera. According to myth, she placed "eyes" on its feathers, symbolizing all-seeing knowledge and the wisdom of the heavens. Hindu mythology associates peacocks with the god Lakshmi. The feathers thus represent her qualities: kindness, patience and good fortune. Buddhists associate peacock feathers with openness, since the birds display everything when they spread their tails. Buddhists also ascribe great meaning to the bird's diet of poisonous plants--the ability to thrive in the face of suffering.

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The peacock is a symbol of immortality. In ancient time men believed the flesh of the peacock would not decay after a peacock died. Ancient Christian paintings and works of art often depict a peacock because of that. Peacock feathers are still used during Easter to decorate a church. The peacock symbol in this context is directly linked to Christ. A peacock can eat poisonous plants without getting sick.

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The peacock is a symbol of renewal. Every year a peacock replaces his feathers. The peacock naturally replaces his feathers annually; as such, the peacock is also a symbol of renewal. In earlier times people believed that two peacocks guarded the gates of paradise. In christian art angels are depicted with wings of peacock feathers. Rebirth is symbolized by two peacocks drinking from a chalice. If you want to wear a peacock feather but a tattoo is not your thing, have a look at these. Beautiful pieces of jewelry. Buy them for yourself or even better buy them as a gift for someone else :D.