Don't Like Tattoo Girls? You Do Now.

Don't Like Tattoo Girls? You Do Now. This is why girls with tattoos are the hottest.

Her 'Gun'

She's got her gun and maybe that's a warning? We're still interested..

 Dreamy Style..

Ink on gals can look rather "hard", so blending them with lacy lingerie is an awesome balance.

Much To See..

This is a brilliantly vibrant tat, and so is she. So much to see!

All the Pretty Flowers

Are Girls Hotter With Tattoos? These girls would be total babes without all the tattoos . . . Does the ink add to or subtract from their beauty? You be the judge. Sometimes commitment to a theme is great, like this entire sleeve of violet roses.

Glittery Gray

Her sparkly silver dress matches her hair, and her shoulder piece is amazing!

Bathtub Beauty

Bathtub Beauty There's something nice about the lack of symmetry on this girl's body art; full sleeve on one arm and a single kanji tattoo on the other.

Satanic Redhead

This beautiful redhead has some very metal-looking skulls and a pentagram on her arm . . . marry me?

The Classics

The Classics She's got a lot of classic and traditional tattoo art, we think it looks great!

Tattoos give you body character

She makes a strong statement with that much ink and we think the statement is largely a good one.

Goes with the Eyes

A exotic design that goes with the color of her eyes... We can't take our eyes off this lass

We TOTALLY LOVE Underboob Tattoos

We TOTALLY LOVE Underboob Tattoos, Underboob and Tattoos Are Like Peanut Butter and Jelly or at least we think so. Underboob, Tattoos, or Both? You decide

Bold On the Underside

Well that's one place to get a tattoo 

Potent combination