Natural Makeup Tips

Natural Makeup Tips
When you’re applying natural makeup, tips for keeping your cosmetic products clean are very important! Mineral makeup colors need to be kept clean just like your other makeup. Here’s how to reduce the possibility of introducing bacteria into your cosmetics.

      1. Open the container and to use for the first time gently tap a little out onto a small plate or mirror. Close your original container. Do not tap your brush into the original container because once your brush touches your skin it will no longer be sterile. When you put it into your makeup it introduces bacteria into the container. Pros keep their makeup clean!

      2. You can use either a foundation makeup brush or a kabuki brush. Using the foundation brush first followed by blending with the kabuki brush often works best. When you apply natural foundation, use a small “c” motion when applying it. It gives a beautiful even finish to your look. No lines!

      3. Use one brush for each specific color. Because the particles are loose some will naturally remain attached to the brush. If you dip into a second color, you risk getting a muddy look. If it is your intention to mix your colors together then mix them separately first and then dip with your brush.

      4. Mineral veil is one of the best natural makeup products available. Even women who don’t wear any other foundation love this product. It illuminates your skin and gives you a radiant complexion. If you are only trying one natural product, then choose mineral veil.

      5. Natural makeup is gorgeous but it can be messy. Put it on before you get dressed. The tiny little particles can get spread all over the counter. If you place the products you are working with on a small little cookie sheet or other tray you will find that the cleanup is much easier.

      6. It’s possible to combine mineral makeup with other makeup when you are layering. The prettiest looks come when you apply mineral makeup veil as the last layer. Remember to blend well for the best possible look.