Amazing 3D Tattoos

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The Mayan

There must be deep meaning and symbolism going on in this design, and the artwork is beyond words! I wonder how sick he gets of people asking to touch it?

Anatomically Correct?

According to this guy's impressive side-piece, human beings are filled with psychedelic galactic landscapes. Perhaps he is just filled with LSD?

The Terminatress

Pick your jaw up off the floor, this blonde beauty's mechanical looking tat is one of the coolest 3d pieces we've ever seen. Do you think it hurts her chance with the lads? Do you think anything could hurt her chance with the lads?


Don't stare too long into HypnoChest's torso or you may end up in another timezone dimension. Excellent use of the nipples here. This guy most love pain.

The Leap

The detail and shading on this piece are amazing. I didn't know tattoo ink could produce so many different shading gradients. This guy must have been under the needle for at least 24 hours. Was it worth it?

 Bursting at the Seams

This guy is doing a great job of showing off his gut. The only thing grosser than his stomach is the empty void tattood onto it. I wonder how far down the seam goes?

Chantilly Lace

Don't spend too much time trying to rip off this sexy piece of lingerie; it's permanent. The intricate lacework really sells this one. Well, the short shorts don't hurt, either.

Kuato Lives

This woman has a beast lurking inside her. If the creature in the darkness weren't disturbing enough, the gory anatomical details in this tattoo really add to the gross-out factor. I hope she's got a rear-view of the creature on the other side.

OMG Crazy Tattoo Face

I don't know what to say about OMG Crazy Tattoo Face, besides the fact that she has a freakin' OMG Crazy Tattoo Face. Think she gets asked out on many dates? Guys, would you ask her out?

The Amne

I don't know what the Amne is, but I'm terrified of it. The Amne seems like a place I never want to go. Or maybe he wanted 'The Damned' but he ran out of skin canvas? With a few more cheeseburgers he can add some space.