The Best of After-Sex Selfies

The Best of After-Sex Selfies Apparently for some people, having sex means nothing unless you can brag about it online! The Best of After-Sex Selfies

Who's This?!

Sometimes you wake up in bed next to a stranger; is an after-sex selfie really appropriate here?

Body Work

This is a creative way to show off tattoos.

Too Cool

They look like they are in a rap video . . .

Bonding Time

It's pretty natural for a couple to lie down together after sex and bond. What's not natural? Taking a timed selfie of it and posting it on the internet.

Deal With It

The maturity level of a post-sex selfie seems to fit the youngest age group.

On Top?

You know what would make Thanksgiving dinner more awkward? That time your parents and relatives had to see a post about your sex life pop up on their Instagram feed. Good to know they're getting some...?

Melancholy Lovers

Sometimes you want to show the world that you're in love. We can think of about a hundred different ways to do it than by posting a selfie that tells the world you just had sex. At least smile, for goodness sake!

Spoof Selfie

This would be a MUCH more accurate post-sex selfie than some of the others we've seen. That act of passion might have come with some complexities. This is a hilarious spoof and we're thinking these two crazy kids are gonna make it!

Right to Sleep

So, they fell right to sleep and the phone just too a selfie all by itself? That's almost as hard to believe as the fact that anyone would think it's cool to post something like this!

Broken Phone

They decided to take this photo as an opportunity to update the world on every little detail happening in their lives. The Someone broke their phone, oh yeah and they also just had sex. Consider yourself updated on WAY more information than you could ever hope to know.