Best Tattoo Cover-Ups Before And After

Best Tattoo Cover-Ups Before And After A Look At Some Bad Tattoos That Became Awesome Tattoos! Impressive tattoo cover-ups, before and after!

Forget The Bird I Just Want Some Feathers

The picture on the left shows a pretty standard and boring dove which is something anyone would want to cover up. The picture on the right manages to take something as simple as feathers and make them look beautiful. If you look closely it almost looks like the feathers have eyes and they are watching you...creepy.

Passing Gas

Tribal tattoos are cool if they are part of your heritage, but other than that you probably shouldn't get one. Hopefully this gas mask suffocates the life out of the previous tattoo.

Jimi Hendrix Lives

No one likes to admit they made a mistake when it comes to their tattoos, but from time to time it happens. By bringing Jimi Hendrix back to life this artist was also able to bury some horrible artwork.

There's No Dog Like A Hot Dog

If you ever find yourself in a tattoo shop thinking about getting a tattoo of a hot dog and french fries, do yourself a favor and run as fast as you can. At least this picture is evidence that if you get a terrible tattoo it can always be fixed. On second thought if you want a hot dog and french fries, tattoo...we think you should go for it.

Party Dog

If you're going to get a tattoo called 'party dog', you'd better make sure that the thing looks more like a dog and less like a piƱata. Although it's not much to look at before, in the after picture it's not just a party dog, it's the whole party.

Null And Void

Getting your significant other's name tattooed on your body is pretty much the kiss of death for your relationship. How do you fix this disgrace to body art when that relationship finally comes to an end? Simply void it out.

Tattoos Are Forever You Know?

They say that tattoos are forever but they don't have to be if you get a really terrible one like the before picture shown below. Just because you have to live with ugly caterpillar doesn't mean it can't blossom into a beautiful butterfly.

Pin Up Girl

Are those skull cherries with a trail of stars underneath them in the top left? Yikes, makes you wonder what this girl was thinking with that one. Luckily there was a beautiful woman out there somewhere just waiting to be tattooed on this girl's torso.

Let Freedom Ring

It doesn't get much more Irish than having a clover tattoo on your arm. On the flip side to that, it doesn't get much more American than having the liberty bell cover up that clover and become an amazing piece of art on your arm. Liberty, justice and tattoos for all.

Bad Peacock To Good Peacock

Getting a peacock sounds like a great idea until it turns out like the picture on the left. Lucky for this person they found a great artist to make it look much better. They definitely dodged a bullet with this one.