Worst Selfie Fails Ever

Worst Selfie Fails Ever Take selfies is embarrassing enough; these people take it to new heights of humiliation. Here's 10 people who should uninstall Instagram. See the most embarrassing selfie fails ever:

Why Kids Hate Shopping

This Mom is the type to take her kid to the mall and lock him in the changing room with her while she takes selfies for hours. And people wonder why men would rather take a nail gun to the head than commit to a shopping day.

Saint Nick Isn't So Jolly Anymore

This isn't as much as a fail for this absolutely shredded grandpa as much as it is for Christmas itself. No one wants Santa Claus to do the SWAT team entry down the chimney like some commando drill sergeant who doesn't eat cookies because they have too much gluten. We miss jolly old Saint Nick, and this selfie is evidence that the ripped look does not work well for our favorite mythical present-maker.

Someone's Getting Lucky Tonight

This pretty lady doesn't scrimp when it comes to making sure she looks good. She went and got her hair done, her nails did, and her overalls hemmed before she started strutting her stuff all over Instagram. The hard work clearly shows.

Camel Food Is Not a Good Look

There aren't many profile pics that can top a selfie with a rare and exotic animal such as a camel. There aren't any selfies with camels that can top this chick's snapshot as the camel's afternoon snack.

I Hope You Don't Drive Like That

This guy subscribes to the idea of what Facebook doesn't see can't hurt them. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel the freedom of nudity in order to capture the most relaxed picture face possible . . . right?

And We Thought Texting and Driving was Dangerous

Just when we thought the roads were safe this guy decides to hold his own photo shoot at 100 mph. If there was ever a time when taking a selfie would take a backseat to safety you would think it was while you were driving, but apparently this guy's photogenic ways know no bounds.

A Picture Speaks 1,000 Words and They All Say "Run!"

It is unfair to judge a book by its cover, but if this book had a cover it would read "Silence of the Lambs". If personality can best be gauged by someone's eyes, this guy is two tons of crazy.

Get Your Life Together Bro

Where to start with this train wreck. The double chin, the cheap Super Cuts mohawk, and the head tilt that is so 1997 all scream one thing: mid-life crisis. We all go through the tough break up stage where we get eat our feelings, get bloated, and stop taking fashion advice, but most of us have the common sense to stay away from the camera during our time of darkness.

The Moon is Full Tonight

This guy clearly has no self awareness, but we aren't sure this kid has it all together either. Anyone who is willing to stare at the sun with no shades on has a little crazy streak in them, trust us.

The Beastiality Fail

This is as close as we will come to seeing a half-human, half-canine being in our lifetime. This selfie is not only unfortunate, but it ruins everything we thought we loved about dogs.