MORE Tattoo Spelling Fails

MORE Tattoo Spelling Fails! If you can't spell, don't design your own tattoo. At least use your computer's spellcheck . . . New tattoo spelling fails that have me shaking my head . . . and LOLing!

Old enough to drive

but not old enough to spell correctly!

A new way of saying things?

Come on! 'Do flows' sounds better than 'does flow' :)

Almost artistic

The two moons make this tattoo artsy. We just need the strength to stomach it!

We most definitely are not!

Yes, of course, we would be totally jealous of this huge fail tattoo

Another your/your're mix up

The flowery language indicates a mastery of the english language but then again, you should be able to pass 8th grade!

Exremely Bad At Spelling

Nothing says Exreme like a nipple ring and a misspelled tattoo across the chest. Travis Pastrana is proud right now.

Starley Cup Champions

There is a team called the Boston Bruins who won their league championship on June 15, 2011. No, there's no way it was those Bruins! They won the Stanley Cup, not the Starley Cup.

I Am a Marshain

Either they spell martian differently on this alien's planet, or he is a prime example of when sounding it out goes wrong.

Live Without Regets

The No Regrets tattoos are always the funniest because you know they regretted the tattoo the second after they saw it in the mirror. Unfortunately this guy will live without Re-dos unless he wants laser removal surgery.

You Only Life Once

As soon as we can figure out what it means to 'life' we are going to make sure we don't do it too quickly. After all, you only life once.