Gorgeous Ink Tattoos

Gorgeous White Ink Tattoos Beautiful examples of white ink tattoos, you have to see it to believe it. Think tattoos have to be bold and dark? Think again! Check out these stunning white ink tats!

Lacey Lady

This lace- and mehndi-inspired piece goes all the way down it's wearer's arm making a gorgeous delicate sleeve.

Stories of the heart

Wrists seem to be one of the most popular placements for white ink tattoos. He you have a quote that almost looks fake, it's that good.

Loops and Leaves

Chest pieces tend to be very noticeable, but white ink allows for an ornate yet subtle look.

White Rose

This is one of the best executed white tattoos we've come across. The overall placement adds to the cuteness.

Somewhere, somehow

While we have no idea where this tattoo is placed, it's possibly one of the cutest we've seen. Delicate and simple.

Snow White

So let's say snowflakes mean something to you, enough for you to want a snowflake tattoo...but how do you tattoo frozen water? White ink. Problem solved.

Arm Full of Flowers

The design of this tattoo is artistic and delicate on its own, but in white ink it provides an even softer look.

Love Love Love

Finger tattoos are becoming more and more popular, but many people are wary of getting anything on their hands since hands are almost always visible. Subtle white ink tattoos remedy that.

Round Your Finger

In the same vein, couples considering matching tattoos/wedding band ink might considering opting for white ink.

High Contrast

While we admit that the execution of this tat might not be the best, we also admit that we don't see many white ink tattoos on darker skin, but the look of it is stunning.