Inappropriate Selfies Taken At Awkward Moments

Inappropriate Selfies Taken At Awkward Moments Did these people think before clicking? These selfies were taken at the most inappropriate moments ever. Inappropriate Selfies Taken At Awkward Moments

When Your Child is Around

Well, we know who's not going to get the award "Mother of the Year." Note to moms: if you want to take seductive selfies, lock the door.

At a Funeral

The movie "Wedding Crashers" mentioned there are funeral crashers, but who in their right mind takes a smiling selfie at a funeral? There's no caption clever enough for this type of selfie and no one benefits from it.

While You're Pregnant

What can be looked down upon even more than being pregnant and taking selfies? Being 16 and pregnant and taking selfies giving people the notion you're also going to be 17 and pregnant.

During a Plane Crash

Look at how taking selfies affects society.While some people are praying for their lives, this individual wants to take a selfie. Unless there's excellent wifi on this plane, sad to say, there is no way anyone is going to receive this selfie.

While a Cluless Man is Peeing

Funny selfies are always nice to receive. However, taking selfies with an innocent man minding his own business in the men's restroom is downright rude. If this innocent man's bare bottom has been captured in a random selfie, you can only imagine how many restroom selfies you've been apart of!

While Being Pulled Over

If the key is still in the ignition, is it possible to get a citation for using your phone to take a selfie? Hopefully this witty driver didn't get arrested for insulting an officer through social media.

Running With the Bulls

I'm sure the guy taking the selfie has seen and heard the horror stories of what happens to idiots during the Running of the Bulls. Maybe he wants to be one of them?

During a Suicide Attempt

If you look closer to the top right of the picture, someone is trying to commit suicide on the Brooklyn Bridge. It's never appropriate to take a selfie with people in the background, especially if they are trying to jump off a bridge. If she would have angled the phone a little more to her left, her selfie would have been perfect.

While a Building is on Fire

Look! It's a firefighter saving lives! Oh, wait. It's a firefighter taking a few seconds away from his job to take a selfie instead of save lives. I'm pretty sure moments like these don't need to be documented.

As a Patient in a Hospital

Are selfies as a hospital patient supposed to be funny or worrisome? Don't ruin your friend's mood by sending a picture that will only make them wonder what nonsense you got into this time.