Geeking Out The Nerdiest Tattoos

Geeking Out: The 15 Nerdiest Tattoos If you think getting a tattoo of the Batman symbol is weird, wait until you see these tributes to geek culture! Here are 15 of the nerdiest tattoos you can find on the Internet! # 3 is just plain awesome.

The Amazing Geek Tattoo

Compared to others on this list, this Spiderman tattoo is unbelievable in terms of color and detail, and it puts any similar Superman tat to shame. Though it is a bit nerdy, it's bound to help any computer geek find his Gwen Stacy!

Game Over

Does it get any better than retro Super Mario? This design is a major tribute to the original, but its placement (the neck) looks peculiar and sounds utterly horrifying.

When A Transformer Has Your Back

The concept of a mechanical superhero tattoo is pretty cool, but it's also a huge space commitment. Where else could you place Optimus Prime in all of his geeky glory?

Surfing Your Skin

When adding a permanent logo, choose your browser affiliations carefully. No self-respecting geek would be caught dead with an Internet Explorer tattoo.

Fond For Fonts

From a typography perspective, at least it doesn't say Comic Sans, Franklin Gothic, Arial Black or Papyrus. We'd have to banish them to design school.

The Wrath Of Realism

We love this geeky back piece for the unique amount of realism. However, it's not perfect because it severely lacks any signs of Klingon which is vital for any "Star Trek" tattoo.

The Rise Of Gaming

Sure it's cool to see a then and now comparison of the original Nintendo controller versus an Xbox controller but what about doing a comparison of the two 30 years from now? That would be a sight to see!

A Wireless Connection

Geeky knuckle tattoos are awesomely ironic, as they're usually a design that's associated with biker gangs and inmates. Maybe he'll be able to intimidate his neighbors for their network password.

Going For The High Score!

He may regret it when he turns 70-years-old and his "Tetris" blocks don't line up anymore but for now, this nerd will never lose a game because of this ingenious idea that just so happens to be on his leg!

10 Searching For An Idea

Though Apple likes to attack those who imitate them, we're not entirely sure if the technology giant nor Google would take action on this. They're probably dumbfounded as to why someone would choose this as a tattoo.