Selfies Taken By Worst Moms Ever

Selfies Taken By Worst Moms Ever These moms do not know how to be hip, and their attempts at selfies are nothing short of hilarious. These Mom Selfie Fails Will Crack You Up

Taking Baby Everywhere

She seems more worried about showing off her assets than her baby

You Look Hella Bad Girl

This girl can actually go to jail for posting this pic, its child endangerment any way you look at it. Being born to this nimrod at all should be considered child abuse.

Support the Head

Clue #1 that you shouldn't be a mother: You hold your iPhone with more care than your newborn. Depressing.

Negligent But Glamorous

So my baby could easily roll off the counter and injure himself? It's not every day I get to take a selfie in lighting this favorable!

Mom of the Year

Often times kids grow up to marry a woman who subconsciously reminds them of their mother. Looks like this kid might be involved with some hos when he grows up, as sad as that is to say.

This Kid Has No Clue Whats Happnening

This little kid is looking up at his momma like she is crazy, and she clearly is. Anyone who is comfortable taking a selfie with someone else staring right at them has a few screws loose.

Brush Your Teeth, Momma's Gonna Selfie

There's nothing like snapping a quick selfie so that potential step-dads know you aren't going to let your kid get in the way of sexy time.

Teach Em Young

This kid is learning how babies are ma even before the sixth grade sex-ed talk. Seriously we were not aware that mothers could get this oblivious and unqualified.

Evidence of the Crime

This mother is about to let her kid drown in the bath tub so she can get one last snapshot off. Scenes like this help us understand why America's education ranking is dropping like a rock in water.

10 My Mom is a Stripper

Your mom has a bed and a nice husband in her bedroom? Big deal, mine has a stripper pole! Win!